Commit 143df827 authored by Wolfram Gloger's avatar Wolfram Gloger Committed by Aurelien Jacobs
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set video_enc->sample_aspect_ratio to fix stream copy

patch by Wolfram Gloger  wmglo _at_ _dot_ de

Originally committed as revision 15457 to svn://
parent ed16f91f
......@@ -2972,6 +2972,7 @@ static void new_video_stream(AVFormatContext *oc)
if (video_stream_copy) {
st->stream_copy = 1;
video_enc->codec_type = CODEC_TYPE_VIDEO;
video_enc->sample_aspect_ratio =
st->sample_aspect_ratio = av_d2q(frame_aspect_ratio*frame_height/frame_width, 255);
} else {
const char *p;
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