Commit 147a90a3 authored by Stefano Sabatini's avatar Stefano Sabatini
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Replace deprecated FF_MM_MMXEXT flag with FF_MM_MMX2.

Originally committed as revision 18443 to svn://
parent 54b02ccd
......@@ -102,17 +102,17 @@ struct algo algos[] = {
{"MMX", 0, ff_fdct_mmx, ff_ref_fdct, NO_PERM, FF_MM_MMX},
{"MMX2", 0, ff_fdct_mmx2, ff_ref_fdct, NO_PERM, FF_MM_MMXEXT},
{"MMX2", 0, ff_fdct_mmx2, ff_ref_fdct, NO_PERM, FF_MM_MMX2},
{"SSE2", 0, ff_fdct_sse2, ff_ref_fdct, NO_PERM, FF_MM_SSE2},
{"LIBMPEG2-MMX", 1, ff_mmx_idct, ff_ref_idct, MMX_PERM, FF_MM_MMX},
{"LIBMPEG2-MMXEXT", 1, ff_mmxext_idct, ff_ref_idct, MMX_PERM, FF_MM_MMXEXT},
{"LIBMPEG2-MMX2", 1, ff_mmxext_idct, ff_ref_idct, MMX_PERM, FF_MM_MMX2},
{"SIMPLE-MMX", 1, ff_simple_idct_mmx, ff_ref_idct, MMX_SIMPLE_PERM, FF_MM_MMX},
{"XVID-MMX", 1, ff_idct_xvid_mmx, ff_ref_idct, NO_PERM, FF_MM_MMX},
{"XVID-MMX2", 1, ff_idct_xvid_mmx2, ff_ref_idct, NO_PERM, FF_MM_MMXEXT},
{"XVID-MMX2", 1, ff_idct_xvid_mmx2, ff_ref_idct, NO_PERM, FF_MM_MMX2},
{"XVID-SSE2", 1, ff_idct_xvid_sse2, ff_ref_idct, SSE2_PERM, FF_MM_SSE2},
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