Commit 158e062c authored by Jason Garrett-Glaser's avatar Jason Garrett-Glaser
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Avoid useless fill_rectangle in P-frames in VP8

In VP8, i4x4 only uses contexts based on neighbors in I-frames.

Originally committed as revision 24415 to svn://
parent 7bf254c4
......@@ -752,10 +752,8 @@ static void decode_mb_mode(VP8Context *s, VP8Macroblock *mb, int mb_x, int mb_y,
// intra MB, 16.1
mb->mode = vp8_rac_get_tree(c, vp8_pred16x16_tree_inter, s->prob->pred16x16);
if (mb->mode == MODE_I4x4) {
if (mb->mode == MODE_I4x4)
decode_intra4x4_modes(c, intra4x4, s->b4_stride, 0);
} else
fill_rectangle(intra4x4, 4, 4, s->b4_stride, vp8_pred4x4_mode[mb->mode], 1);
s->chroma_pred_mode = vp8_rac_get_tree(c, vp8_pred8x8c_tree, s->prob->pred8x8c);
mb->ref_frame = VP56_FRAME_CURRENT;
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