Commit 193cdd9a authored by Diego Biurrun's avatar Diego Biurrun
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configure: Add missing descriptions to help output

parent be391fb6
......@@ -116,6 +116,8 @@ Component options:
--enable-x11grab enable X11 grabbing [no]
--disable-network disable network support [no]
--disable-dct disable DCT code
--disable-dwt disable DWT code
--disable-lsp disable LSP code
--disable-mdct disable MDCT code
--disable-rdft disable RDFT code
--disable-fft disable FFT code
......@@ -207,16 +209,18 @@ Advanced options (experts only):
--ar=AR use archive tool AR [$ar_default]
--as=AS use assembler AS [$as_default]
--cc=CC use C compiler CC [$cc_default]
--dep-cc=DEPCC use dependency generator DEPCC [$cc_default]
--ld=LD use linker LD
--host-cc=HOSTCC use host C compiler HOSTCC
--host-cflags=HCFLAGS use HCFLAGS when compiling for host
--host-ldflags=HLDFLAGS use HLDFLAGS when linking for host
--host-libs=HLIBS use libs HLIBS when linking for host
--host-os=OS compiler host OS [$target_os]
--extra-cflags=ECFLAGS add ECFLAGS to CFLAGS [$CFLAGS]
--extra-libs=ELIBS add ELIBS [$ELIBS]
--extra-version=STRING version string suffix []
--optflags override optimization-related compiler flags
--optflags=OPTFLAGS override optimization-related compiler flags
--build-suffix=SUFFIX library name suffix []
--malloc-prefix=PREFIX prefix malloc and related names with PREFIX
--arch=ARCH select architecture [$arch]
......@@ -224,6 +228,7 @@ Advanced options (experts only):
instruction selection, may crash on older CPUs)
--enable-pic build position-independent code
--enable-sram allow use of on-chip SRAM
--enable-thumb compile for Thumb instruction set
--disable-symver disable symbol versioning
--disable-fastdiv disable table-based division
--enable-hardcoded-tables use hardcoded tables instead of runtime generation
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