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remove now obsolete and no more true comments

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......@@ -38,16 +38,8 @@
* Features and limitations:
* - reads most of the QT files I have (at least the structure),
* the exceptions are .mov with zlib compressed headers ('cmov' section). It shouldn't be hard to implement.
* FIXED, Francois Revol, 07/17/2002
* - ffmpeg has nearly none of the usual QuickTime codecs,
* although I succesfully dumped raw and mp3 audio tracks off .mov files.
* Sample QuickTime files with mp3 audio can be found at:
* - .mp4 parsing is still hazardous, although the format really is QuickTime with some minor changes
* (to make .mov parser crash maybe ?), despite what they say in the MPEG FAQ at
* - the code is quite ugly... maybe I won't do it recursive next time :-)
* - seek is not supported with files that contain edit list
* Funny I didn't know about
* when coding this :) (it's a writer anyway)
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