Commit 1d44d365 authored by Diego Pettenò's avatar Diego Pettenò Committed by Aurelien Jacobs
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fix -uninstalled.pc includedir for out-of-tree builds

patch by Diego 'Flameeyes' Pettenò  flameeyes _at_ gmail

Originally committed as revision 15458 to svn://
parent 143df827
...@@ -2251,7 +2251,7 @@ cat <<EOF > $name/$name-uninstalled.pc ...@@ -2251,7 +2251,7 @@ cat <<EOF > $name/$name-uninstalled.pc
prefix= prefix=
exec_prefix= exec_prefix=
libdir=\${pcfiledir} libdir=\${pcfiledir}
includedir=\${pcfiledir}/.. includedir=${source_path}
Name: $name Name: $name
Description: $comment Description: $comment
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