Commit 1e699993 authored by Reimar Döffinger's avatar Reimar Döffinger
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MXF: simply ignore tracks that are invalid due to not having a valid Sequence

part instead of failing completely.
This partly fixes issue 1470 (broken files created by BBC ingex recorder).

Originally committed as revision 20221 to svn://
parent 87462968
......@@ -690,7 +690,7 @@ static int mxf_parse_structural_metadata(MXFContext *mxf)
if (!(material_track->sequence = mxf_resolve_strong_ref(mxf, &material_track->sequence_ref, Sequence))) {
av_log(mxf->fc, AV_LOG_ERROR, "could not resolve material track sequence strong ref\n");
return -1;
/* TODO: handle multiple source clips */
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