Commit 1f8ad15a authored by Stefano Sabatini's avatar Stefano Sabatini
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Doxument url_read().

Originally committed as revision 21415 to svn://
parent 30b61475
......@@ -68,7 +68,18 @@ typedef int URLInterruptCB(void);
int url_open_protocol (URLContext **puc, struct URLProtocol *up,
const char *filename, int flags);
int url_open(URLContext **h, const char *filename, int flags);
* Reads up to size bytes from the resource accessed by h, and stores
* the read bytes in buf.
* @return The number of bytes actually read, or a negative value
* corresponding to an AVERROR code in case of error. A value of zero
* indicates that it is not possible to read more from the accessed
* resource (except if the value of the size argument is also zero).
int url_read(URLContext *h, unsigned char *buf, int size);
* Read as many bytes as possible (up to size), calling the
* read function multiple times if necessary.
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