Commit 2017f0fd authored by Diego Biurrun's avatar Diego Biurrun
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x86: Remove some leftover declarations for non-existent functions

parent 8ff78578
......@@ -48,16 +48,12 @@
#undef printf
void ff_mmx_idct(DCTELEM *data);
void ff_mmxext_idct(DCTELEM *data);
void ff_bfin_idct(DCTELEM *block);
void ff_bfin_fdct(DCTELEM *block);
void ff_fdct_altivec(DCTELEM *block);
//void ff_idct_altivec(DCTELEM *block);?? no routine
// ARM
void ff_j_rev_dct_arm(DCTELEM *data);
......@@ -102,10 +102,6 @@ void ff_put_rv40_qpel16_mc33_mmx(uint8_t *block, uint8_t *pixels, int line_size)
void ff_avg_rv40_qpel8_mc33_mmx(uint8_t *block, uint8_t *pixels, int line_size);
void ff_avg_rv40_qpel16_mc33_mmx(uint8_t *block, uint8_t *pixels, int line_size);
void ff_mmx_idct(DCTELEM *block);
void ff_mmxext_idct(DCTELEM *block);
void ff_deinterlace_line_mmx(uint8_t *dst,
const uint8_t *lum_m4, const uint8_t *lum_m3,
const uint8_t *lum_m2, const uint8_t *lum_m1,
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