Commit 21383da8 authored by David Conrad's avatar David Conrad
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Let ff_pw_8 be used as an SSE constant

Originally committed as revision 15052 to svn://
parent ea364c74
......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ DECLARE_ALIGNED_16(const uint64_t, ff_pdw_80000000[2]) =
DECLARE_ALIGNED_8 (const uint64_t, ff_pw_3 ) = 0x0003000300030003ULL;
DECLARE_ALIGNED_8 (const uint64_t, ff_pw_4 ) = 0x0004000400040004ULL;
DECLARE_ALIGNED_16(const xmm_t, ff_pw_5 ) = {0x0005000500050005ULL, 0x0005000500050005ULL};
DECLARE_ALIGNED_8 (const uint64_t, ff_pw_8 ) = 0x0008000800080008ULL;
DECLARE_ALIGNED_16(const xmm_t, ff_pw_8 ) = {0x0008000800080008ULL, 0x0008000800080008ULL};
DECLARE_ALIGNED_8 (const uint64_t, ff_pw_15 ) = 0x000F000F000F000FULL;
DECLARE_ALIGNED_16(const xmm_t, ff_pw_16 ) = {0x0010001000100010ULL, 0x0010001000100010ULL};
DECLARE_ALIGNED_8 (const uint64_t, ff_pw_20 ) = 0x0014001400140014ULL;
......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ extern const uint64_t ff_pdw_80000000[2];
extern const uint64_t ff_pw_3;
extern const uint64_t ff_pw_4;
extern const xmm_t ff_pw_5;
extern const uint64_t ff_pw_8;
extern const xmm_t ff_pw_8;
extern const uint64_t ff_pw_15;
extern const xmm_t ff_pw_16;
extern const uint64_t ff_pw_20;
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