Commit 2184c6f7 authored by Diego Biurrun's avatar Diego Biurrun
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Factorize GPL and nonfree license checks into a common function.

Originally committed as revision 18714 to svn://
parent d647ed78
......@@ -1736,22 +1736,19 @@ EOF
if ! enabled gpl; then
enabled_any $@ && die "$name is under GPL and --enable-gpl is not specified."
die_gpl_disabled "The Postprocessing code" postproc
die_gpl_disabled "libx264" libx264
die_gpl_disabled "libxvidcore" libxvid
die_gpl_disabled "FAAD2" libfaad2
die_gpl_disabled "The X11 grabber" x11grab
die_license_disabled() {
enabled $1 || enabled $2 && die "$2 is $1 and --enable-$1 is not specified."
die_license_disabled gpl libfaad2
die_license_disabled gpl libx264
die_license_disabled gpl libxvid
die_license_disabled gpl postproc
die_license_disabled gpl x11grab
die_license_disabled nonfree libamr_nb
die_license_disabled nonfree libamr_wb
if ! enabled nonfree && enabled_any libamr_nb libamr_wb; then
die "libamr is nonfree and --enable-nonfree is not specified."
check_deps $ARCH_EXT_LIST
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