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doc: document using AVOptions in fftools.

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......@@ -91,3 +91,28 @@ The use of the environment variable @env{NO_COLOR} is deprecated and
will be dropped in a following Libav version.
@end table
@section AVOptions
These options are provided directly by the libavformat and libavcodec
libraries. To see the list of available AVOptions, use the
@option{-help} option. They are separated into two categories:
@table @option
@item generic
Can be set for any container or codec. Generic options are listed under
AVFormatContext options for containers and under AVCodecContext options
for codecs.
@item private
Are specific to the given container or codec. Private options are listed
under their corresponding containers/codecs.
@end table
For example to write an ID3v2.3 header instead of a default ID3v2.4 to
an MP3 file, use the @option{id3v2_version} private option of the MP3
ffmpeg -i input.flac -id3v2_version 3 out.mp3
@end example
Note -nooption syntax cannot be used for boolean AVOptions, use -option
0/-option 1.
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