Commit 2427ac6c authored by Martin Storsjö's avatar Martin Storsjö
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rtpproto: Update the parameter documentation

Move the sources documentation up below the marker for deprecated
otpions. Also mention the new block parameter, that was added
in 74972220

Signed-off-by: default avatarMartin Storsjö <>
parent 5268bd29
......@@ -234,9 +234,10 @@ static void rtp_parse_addr_list(URLContext *h, char *buf,
* 'localrtcpport=n' : set the local rtcp port to n
* 'pkt_size=n' : set max packet size
* 'connect=0/1' : do a connect() on the UDP socket
* 'sources=ip[,ip]' : list allowed source IP addresses
* 'block=ip[,ip]' : list disallowed source IP addresses
* deprecated option:
* 'localport=n' : set the local port to n
* 'sources=ip[,ip]' : list allowed source IP addresses
* if rtcpport isn't set the rtcp port will be the rtp port + 1
* if local rtp port isn't set any available port will be used for the local
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