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Document the buffer source.

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......@@ -229,6 +229,46 @@ Flip the input video vertically.
Below is a description of the currently available video sources.
@section buffer
Buffer video frames, and make them available to the filter chain.
This source is mainly intended for a programmatic use, in particular
through the interface defined in @file{libavfilter/vsr_buffer.h}.
It accepts the following parameters:
All the parameters need to be explicitely defined.
Follows the list of the accepted parameters.
@table @option
@item width, height
Specify the width and height of the buffered video frames.
@item pix_fmt_string
A string representing the pixel format of the buffered video frames.
It may be a number corresponding to a pixel format, or a pixel format
@end table
For example:
@end example
will instruct the source to accept video frames with size 320x240 and
with format "yuv410p". Since the pixel format with name "yuv410p"
corresponds to the number 6 (check the enum PixelFormat definition in
@file{libavutil/pixfmt.h}), this example corresponds to:
@end example
@section color
Provide an uniformly colored input.
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