Commit 2513b2b4 authored by Diego Biurrun's avatar Diego Biurrun
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Use pkg-config to generate the linker flags for libdirac.

We do the same for libschroedinger and already use pkg-config to generate
the CFLAGS for libdirac anyway, so there is no new dependency.
Thanks to Kovensky for reporting breakage on IRC.

Originally committed as revision 19654 to svn://
parent d15f2e00
......@@ -2240,8 +2240,8 @@ check_func truncf
# these are off by default, so fail if requested and not available
enabled avisynth && require2 vfw32 "windows.h vfw.h" AVIFileInit -lvfw32
enabled libdirac && add_cflags $(pkg-config --cflags dirac) &&
require libdirac libdirac_decoder/dirac_parser.h dirac_decoder_init -ldirac_decoder &&
require libdirac libdirac_encoder/dirac_encoder.h dirac_encoder_init -ldirac_encoder
require libdirac libdirac_decoder/dirac_parser.h dirac_decoder_init $(pkg-config --libs dirac) &&
require libdirac libdirac_encoder/dirac_encoder.h dirac_encoder_init $(pkg-config --libs dirac)
enabled libfaac && require2 libfaac "stdint.h faac.h" faacEncGetVersion -lfaac
enabled libfaad && require2 libfaad faad.h faacDecOpen -lfaad
enabled libgsm && require libgsm gsm.h gsm_create -lgsm
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