Commit 27796dc3 authored by Ramiro Polla's avatar Ramiro Polla
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Use $vfwcap_indev_extralibs variable instead of duplicating "-lvfw32" in

capCreateCaptureWindow() check.
Based on patch by kemuri <kemuri9 at gmail dot com>

Originally committed as revision 21409 to svn://
parent 626c46ec
......@@ -2542,7 +2542,7 @@ check_header linux/videodev.h
check_header linux/videodev2.h
check_header sys/videoio.h
check_func_headers "windows.h vfw.h" capCreateCaptureWindow -lvfw32
check_func_headers "windows.h vfw.h" capCreateCaptureWindow "$vfwcap_indev_extralibs"
# check for ioctl_meteor.h, ioctl_bt848.h and alternatives
{ check_header dev/bktr/ioctl_meteor.h &&
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