Commit 28b51235 authored by Michael Niedermayer's avatar Michael Niedermayer
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Originally committed as revision 7493 to svn://
parent 954bd264
...@@ -183,11 +183,11 @@ AVAES *av_aes_init(uint8_t *key, int key_bits, int decrypt) { ...@@ -183,11 +183,11 @@ AVAES *av_aes_init(uint8_t *key, int key_bits, int decrypt) {
} }
if(decrypt){ if(decrypt){
for(i=1; i<rounds; i++){ for(i=1; i<rounds; i++){
for(j=0; j<16; j++) for(j=0; j<16; j++)
a->round_key[i][0][j]= sbox[a->round_key[i][0][j]]; a->round_key[i][0][j]= sbox[a->round_key[i][0][j]];
mix(a->round_key[i], dec_multbl); mix(a->round_key[i], dec_multbl);
} }
} }
return a; return a;
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