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Add a checklist about new codecs or formats to the documentation.

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......@@ -905,12 +905,6 @@ should also be avoided if they don't make the code easier to understand.
(e.g. addition of a function to the public API).
Incrementing the third component means a noteworthy binary compatible
change (e.g. encoder bug fix that matters for the decoder).
If you add a new codec, remember to update the changelog, add it to
the supported codecs table in the documentation and bump the second
component of the @file{libavcodec} version number appropriately. If
it has a fourcc, add it to @file{libavformat/riff.c}, even if it
is only a decoder.
Compiler warnings indicate potential bugs or code with bad style. If a type of
warning always points to correct and clean code, that warning should
......@@ -957,6 +951,40 @@ and has no lrint()')
Also please if you send several patches, send each patch as a separate mail,
do not attach several unrelated patches to the same mail.
@section New codecs or formats checklist
Did you use av_cold for codec initialization and close functions?
Did you add a long_name under NULL_IF_CONFIG_SMALL to the AVCodec or
AVInputFormat/AVOutputFormat struct?
Did you bump the minor version number in @file{avcodec.h} or
Did you register it in @file{allcodecs.c} or @file{allformats.c}?
Did you add the CodecID to @file{avcodec.h}?
If it has a fourcc, did you add it to @file{libavformat/riff.c},
even if it is only a decoder?
Did you add a rule to compile the appropriate files in the Makefile?
Remember to do this even if you're just adding a format to a file that is
already being compiled by some other rule, like a raw demuxer.
Did you add an entry to the table of supported formats or codecs in the
Did you add an entry in the Changelog?
If it depends on a parser or a library, did you add that dependency in
Did you "svn add" the appropriate files before commiting?
@end enumerate
@section patch submission checklist
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