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......@@ -447,18 +447,18 @@ see @url{}
see @url{}
@section how do I feed H.263-RTP (and other codecs in RTP) to libavcodec?
@section How do I feed H.263-RTP (and other codecs in RTP) to libavcodec?
Even if peculiar since it is network oriented, RTP is a container like any
other. You have to @emph{demux} RTP before feeding the payload to libavcodec.
In this specific case please look at RFC 4629 to see how it should be done.
@section AVStream.r_frame_rate is wrong, its much larger than the frame rate
@section AVStream.r_frame_rate is wrong, it is much larger than the framerate.
r_frame_rate is NOT the average framerate, it is the smallest framerate
with which all timestamps can be accurately represented, so no it is not
wrong if its larger than the average!
for example if you have 25 and 30 fps content mixed then r_frame_rate
that can accurately represent all timestamps. So no, it is not
wrong if it is larger than the average!
For example, if you have mixed 25 and 30 fps content, then r_frame_rate
will be 150.
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