Commit 29cc1c23 authored by Benoit Fouet's avatar Benoit Fouet
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Make globals static

Originally committed as revision 9433 to svn://
parent dab57ec5
......@@ -204,12 +204,12 @@ static int dts_delta_threshold = 10;
static int sws_flags = SWS_BICUBIC;
const char **opt_names=NULL;
int opt_name_count=0;
AVCodecContext *avctx_opts[CODEC_TYPE_NB];
AVFormatContext *avformat_opts;
struct SwsContext *sws_opts;
static int64_t timer_start = 0;
static const char **opt_names;
static int opt_name_count;
static AVCodecContext *avctx_opts[CODEC_TYPE_NB];
static AVFormatContext *avformat_opts;
static struct SwsContext *sws_opts;
static int64_t timer_start;
static AVBitStreamFilterContext *video_bitstream_filters=NULL;
static AVBitStreamFilterContext *audio_bitstream_filters=NULL;
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