Commit 2a194acd authored by Måns Rullgård's avatar Måns Rullgård
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configure: pass extra flags to check_cc from check_ld

Originally committed as revision 21264 to svn://
parent ade5b91d
...@@ -601,12 +601,12 @@ check_yasm(){ ...@@ -601,12 +601,12 @@ check_yasm(){
check_ld(){ check_ld(){
log check_ld "$@" log check_ld "$@"
check_cc || return
flags='' flags=''
libs='' libs=''
for f; do for f; do
test "${f}" = "${f#-l}" && flags="$flags $f" || libs="$libs $f" test "${f}" = "${f#-l}" && flags="$flags $f" || libs="$libs $f"
done done
check_cc $($filter_cflags $flags) || return
check_cmd $ld $LDFLAGS $flags -o $TMPE $TMPO $extralibs $libs check_cmd $ld $LDFLAGS $flags -o $TMPE $TMPO $extralibs $libs
} }
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