Commit 2a7ab2df authored by Diego Biurrun's avatar Diego Biurrun
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configure: Use check_builtin() where appropriate

parent 9c7d85b3
...@@ -3317,9 +3317,8 @@ elif enabled sparc; then ...@@ -3317,9 +3317,8 @@ elif enabled sparc; then
elif enabled x86; then elif enabled x86; then
check_code ld intrin.h "__rdtsc()" && enable rdtsc check_builtin rdtsc intrin.h "__rdtsc()"
check_builtin mm_empty mmintrin.h "_mm_empty()"
check_code ld mmintrin.h "_mm_empty()" && enable mm_empty
enable local_aligned_8 local_aligned_16 enable local_aligned_8 local_aligned_16
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