Commit 2aa751d2 authored by Aurelien Jacobs's avatar Aurelien Jacobs
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rename idroq.c to idroqdec.c

Originally committed as revision 24969 to svn://
parent 54a73bb5
......@@ -274,7 +274,7 @@ Muxers/Demuxers:
gxf.c Reimar Doeffinger
gxfenc.c Baptiste Coudurier
idcin.c Mike Melanson
idroq.c Mike Melanson
idroqdec.c Mike Melanson
iff.c Jaikrishnan Menon
ipmovie.c Mike Melanson
img2.c Michael Niedermayer
......@@ -209,7 +209,7 @@ OBJS-$(CONFIG_RAWVIDEO_MUXER) += raw.o
OBJS-$(CONFIG_RM_DEMUXER) += rmdec.o rm.o
OBJS-$(CONFIG_RM_MUXER) += rmenc.o rm.o
OBJS-$(CONFIG_ROQ_DEMUXER) += idroqdec.o
OBJS-$(CONFIG_ROQ_MUXER) += idroqenc.o
OBJS-$(CONFIG_RSO_DEMUXER) += rsodec.o rso.o raw.o
OBJS-$(CONFIG_RSO_MUXER) += rsoenc.o rso.o
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