Commit 2bf74f49 authored by Aurelien Jacobs's avatar Aurelien Jacobs
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actually define AVSEEK_FLAG_FRAME as described in avformat_seek_file() doc

Originally committed as revision 19623 to svn://
parent 8306be9c
......@@ -968,6 +968,7 @@ void av_set_pts_info(AVStream *s, int pts_wrap_bits,
#define AVSEEK_FLAG_BACKWARD 1 ///< seek backward
#define AVSEEK_FLAG_BYTE 2 ///< seeking based on position in bytes
#define AVSEEK_FLAG_ANY 4 ///< seek to any frame, even non-keyframes
#define AVSEEK_FLAG_FRAME 8 ///< seeking based on frame number
int av_find_default_stream_index(AVFormatContext *s);
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