Commit 2cd1f5ca authored by Loren Merritt's avatar Loren Merritt Committed by Diego Biurrun
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x86inc: modify ALIGN to not generate long nops on i586

Signed-off-by: default avatarDiego Biurrun <>
parent d20f133e
......@@ -571,6 +571,7 @@ SECTION .note.GNU-stack noalloc noexec nowrite progbits
; All subsequent functions (up to the next INIT_CPUFLAGS) is built for the specified cpu.
; You shouldn't need to invoke this macro directly, it's a subroutine for INIT_MMX &co.
%macro INIT_CPUFLAGS 0-2
CPU amdnop
%if %0 >= 1
%xdefine cpuname %1
%assign cpuflags cpuflags_%1
......@@ -592,6 +593,9 @@ SECTION .note.GNU-stack noalloc noexec nowrite progbits
%elifidn %1, sse3
%define movu lddqu
%if notcpuflag(mmx2)
CPU basicnop
%xdefine SUFFIX
%undef cpuname
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