Commit 2d3475ae authored by Michael Niedermayer's avatar Michael Niedermayer

avoid memcpy()

Originally committed as revision 7549 to svn://
parent 7465619a
......@@ -172,10 +172,9 @@ int av_aes_init(AVAES *a, uint8_t *key, int key_bits, int decrypt) {
for(i=1; i<rounds; i++){
uint8_t tmp[2][16];
memcpy(tmp[1], a->round_key[i][0], 16);
subshift(tmp[0], 0, sbox);
memcpy(tmp[1], tmp[0], 16);
uint8_t tmp[3][16];
memcpy(tmp[2], a->round_key[i][0], 16);
subshift(tmp[1], 0, sbox);
mix(tmp, dec_multbl, 1, 3);
memcpy(a->round_key[i][0], tmp[0], 16);
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