Commit 2d5fabc8 authored by Baptiste Coudurier's avatar Baptiste Coudurier
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move increment after debug print

Originally committed as revision 18851 to svn://
parent d8ed5bae
......@@ -1440,10 +1440,10 @@ static void mov_build_index(MOVContext *mov, AVStream *st)
current_offset += sc->bytes_per_frame;
dprintf(mov->fc, "AVIndex stream %d, chunk %d, offset %"PRIx64", dts %"PRId64", "
"size %d, duration %d\n", st->index, i, current_offset, current_dts,
chunk_size, chunk_duration);
current_offset += sc->bytes_per_frame;
assert(chunk_duration % sc->time_rate == 0);
current_dts += chunk_duration / sc->time_rate;
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