Commit 2da6050c authored by Baptiste Coudurier's avatar Baptiste Coudurier
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oups, 100l, revert unrelated hunk from commit r23266

Originally committed as revision 23269 to svn://
parent a4de2b6e
......@@ -168,18 +168,6 @@ int av_metadata_set2(AVMetadata **pm, const char *key, const char *value, int fl
void av_metadata_conv(struct AVFormatContext *ctx,const AVMetadataConv *d_conv,
const AVMetadataConv *s_conv);
* Converts metadata set according to the given conversion tables
* @param out converted destination metadata
* @param in metadata to be converted
* @param d_conv destination tags format conversion table
* @param s_conv source tags format conversion table
void av_metadata_conv_generic(AVMetadata **out,
AVMetadata *in,
const AVMetadataConv *d_conv,
const AVMetadataConv *s_conv);
* Frees all the memory allocated for an AVMetadata struct.
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