Commit 2df19ea5 authored by Luca Abeni's avatar Luca Abeni
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Remove unneeded code

Originally committed as revision 18880 to svn://
parent 94d85eaf
......@@ -124,21 +124,6 @@ extern void (*yvu9_to_yuy2)(const uint8_t *src1, const uint8_t *src2, const uint
long srcStride1, long srcStride2,
long srcStride3, long dstStride);
#define MODE_RGB 0x1
#define MODE_BGR 0x2
static void yuv2rgb(uint8_t * image, uint8_t * py,
uint8_t * pu, uint8_t * pv,
unsigned h_size, unsigned v_size,
int rgb_stride, int y_stride, int uv_stride){
printf("broken, this should use the swscaler\n");
static void yuv2rgb_init (unsigned bpp, int mode){
printf("broken, this should use the swscaler\n");
void sws_rgb2rgb_init(int flags);
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