Commit 2ef8819c authored by Diego Biurrun's avatar Diego Biurrun
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Remove unused declarations.

Originally committed as revision 28057 to svn://
parent 061f407e
......@@ -124,21 +124,6 @@ DECLARE_ASM_CONST(8, uint64_t, blue_16mask) = 0x0000001f0000001fULL;
DECLARE_ASM_CONST(8, uint64_t, red_15mask) = 0x00007c0000007c00ULL;
DECLARE_ASM_CONST(8, uint64_t, green_15mask) = 0x000003e0000003e0ULL;
DECLARE_ASM_CONST(8, uint64_t, blue_15mask) = 0x0000001f0000001fULL;
#if 0
static volatile uint64_t __attribute__((aligned(8))) b5Dither;
static volatile uint64_t __attribute__((aligned(8))) g5Dither;
static volatile uint64_t __attribute__((aligned(8))) g6Dither;
static volatile uint64_t __attribute__((aligned(8))) r5Dither;
static uint64_t __attribute__((aligned(8))) dither4[2]={
static uint64_t __attribute__((aligned(8))) dither8[2]={
#endif /* defined(ARCH_X86) */
#define RGB2YUV_SHIFT 8
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