Commit 353147ed authored by Mike Melanson's avatar Mike Melanson

new NSV demuxer

Originally committed as revision 3697 to svn://
parent 27d5f18f
......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ version <next>
- Miro VideoXL (VIXL) video decoder
- H.261 video encoder
- QPEG video decoder
- Nullsoft Video (NSV) file demuxer
version 0.4.9-pre1:
......@@ -686,9 +686,10 @@ library:
@item Sierra Online @tab @tab X
@tab .sol files used in Sierra Online games
@item Matroska @tab @tab X
@end multitable
@item Electronic Arts Multimedia @tab @tab X
@tab used in various EA games; files have extensions like WVE and UV2
@item Nullsoft Video (NSV) format @tab @tab X
@end multitable
@code{X} means that the encoding (resp. decoding) is supported.
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