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(f)pritf() vs. av_log() and 'make test' update

Originally committed as revision 2880 to svn://
parent 247d56f5
......@@ -937,6 +937,9 @@ Comments: for functions visible from other modules, use the JavaDoc
format (see examples in @file{libav/utils.c}) so that a documentation
can be generated automatically.
fprintf and printf are forbidden in libavformat and libavcodec,
please use av_log() instead.
@section Submitting patches
When you submit your patch, try to send a unified diff (diff '-up'
......@@ -969,7 +972,7 @@ The regression test then goes on to test the ffserver code with a
limited set of streams. It is important that this step runs correctly
as well.
Run 'make test' to test all the codecs.
Run 'make test' to test all the codecs and formats.
Run 'make fulltest' to test all the codecs, formats and ffserver.
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