Commit 383b25fd authored by Eli Friedman's avatar Eli Friedman Committed by Aurelien Jacobs
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fix warning in ff_metadata_mux_compat()

warning: the address of 'number' will always evaluate as 'true'
patch by Eli Friedman   eli _dot_ friedman _at_ gmail _dot_ com

Originally committed as revision 23936 to svn://
parent 5935f9d6
......@@ -108,10 +108,11 @@ void ff_metadata_demux_compat(AVFormatContext *ctx)
#define FILL_METADATA(s, key, value) { \
if (value && *value && !av_metadata_get(s->metadata, #key, NULL, 0)) \
if (!av_metadata_get(s->metadata, #key, NULL, 0)) \
av_metadata_set2(&s->metadata, #key, value, 0); \
#define FILL_METADATA_STR(s, key) FILL_METADATA(s, key, s->key)
#define FILL_METADATA_STR(s, key) { \
if (s->key && *s->key) FILL_METADATA(s, key, s->key); }
#define FILL_METADATA_INT(s, key) { \
char number[10]; \
snprintf(number, sizeof(number), "%d", s->key); \
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