Commit 3b4b29dc authored by Fabrice Bellard's avatar Fabrice Bellard
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put/get portable for IEEE double - renamed put_native_string/get_native_string

Originally committed as revision 1062 to svn://
parent d4c0ff91
......@@ -87,8 +87,8 @@ void put_le16(ByteIOContext *s, unsigned int val);
void put_be16(ByteIOContext *s, unsigned int val);
void put_tag(ByteIOContext *s, char *tag);
void put_native_double(ByteIOContext *s, double val);
void put_native_string(ByteIOContext *s, const char *buf);
void put_be64_double(ByteIOContext *s, double val);
void put_strz(ByteIOContext *s, const char *buf);
offset_t url_fseek(ByteIOContext *s, offset_t offset, int whence);
void url_fskip(ByteIOContext *s, offset_t offset);
......@@ -108,8 +108,8 @@ unsigned int get_le32(ByteIOContext *s);
UINT64 get_le64(ByteIOContext *s);
unsigned int get_le16(ByteIOContext *s);
double get_native_double(ByteIOContext *s);
char *get_native_string(ByteIOContext *s, char *buf, int maxlen);
double get_be64_double(ByteIOContext *s);
char *get_strz(ByteIOContext *s, char *buf, int maxlen);
unsigned int get_be16(ByteIOContext *s);
unsigned int get_be32(ByteIOContext *s);
UINT64 get_be64(ByteIOContext *s);
......@@ -176,12 +176,18 @@ void put_be32(ByteIOContext *s, unsigned int val)
put_byte(s, val);
void put_native_double(ByteIOContext *s, double val)
/* IEEE format is assumed */
void put_be64_double(ByteIOContext *s, double val)
put_buffer(s, (const unsigned char *) &val, sizeof(val));
union {
double d;
UINT64 ull;
} u;
u.d = val;
put_be64(s, u.ull);
void put_native_string(ByteIOContext *s, const char *str)
void put_strz(ByteIOContext *s, const char *str)
if (str)
put_buffer(s, (const unsigned char *) str, strlen(str) + 1);
......@@ -339,16 +345,18 @@ unsigned int get_be32(ByteIOContext *s)
return val;
double get_native_double(ByteIOContext *s)
double get_be64_double(ByteIOContext *s)
double val;
union {
double d;
UINT64 ull;
} u;
get_buffer(s, (unsigned char *) &val, sizeof(val));
return val;
u.ull = get_be64(s);
return u.d;
char *get_native_string(ByteIOContext *s, char *buf, int maxlen)
char *get_strz(ByteIOContext *s, char *buf, int maxlen)
int i = 0;
char c;
......@@ -166,14 +166,14 @@ static int ffm_write_header(AVFormatContext *s)
put_be16(pb, (int) (codec->qcompress * 10000.0));
put_be16(pb, (int) (codec->qblur * 10000.0));
put_be32(pb, codec->bit_rate_tolerance);
put_native_string(pb, codec->rc_eq);
put_strz(pb, codec->rc_eq);
put_be32(pb, codec->rc_max_rate);
put_be32(pb, codec->rc_min_rate);
put_be32(pb, codec->rc_buffer_size);
put_native_double(pb, codec->i_quant_factor);
put_native_double(pb, codec->b_quant_factor);
put_native_double(pb, codec->i_quant_offset);
put_native_double(pb, codec->b_quant_offset);
put_be64_double(pb, codec->i_quant_factor);
put_be64_double(pb, codec->b_quant_factor);
put_be64_double(pb, codec->i_quant_offset);
put_be64_double(pb, codec->b_quant_offset);
put_be32(pb, codec->dct_algo);
......@@ -420,14 +420,14 @@ static int ffm_read_header(AVFormatContext *s, AVFormatParameters *ap)
codec->qcompress = get_be16(pb) / 10000.0;
codec->qblur = get_be16(pb) / 10000.0;
codec->bit_rate_tolerance = get_be32(pb);
codec->rc_eq = strdup(get_native_string(pb, rc_eq_buf, sizeof(rc_eq_buf)));
codec->rc_eq = strdup(get_strz(pb, rc_eq_buf, sizeof(rc_eq_buf)));
codec->rc_max_rate = get_be32(pb);
codec->rc_min_rate = get_be32(pb);
codec->rc_buffer_size = get_be32(pb);
codec->i_quant_factor = get_native_double(pb);
codec->b_quant_factor = get_native_double(pb);
codec->i_quant_offset = get_native_double(pb);
codec->b_quant_offset = get_native_double(pb);
codec->i_quant_factor = get_be64_double(pb);
codec->b_quant_factor = get_be64_double(pb);
codec->i_quant_offset = get_be64_double(pb);
codec->b_quant_offset = get_be64_double(pb);
codec->dct_algo = get_be32(pb);
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