Commit 3b72ec75 authored by Baptiste Coudurier's avatar Baptiste Coudurier
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change regression tests for swf, use same as flv, swf muxer only supports mp3

Originally committed as revision 7433 to svn://
parent 662fd26c
......@@ -13,9 +13,9 @@ bdb7484c68db722f66ba1630cf79844c *./data/b-libav.mpg
0bf8fb3b4d7bb70ed89356e94cd8ffa2 *./data/b-libav.ts
471316 ./data/b-libav.ts
./data/b-libav.ts CRC=0xcc4948e1
16cf1c37c123f8d3c4a31d192d9b0cc6 *./data/b-libav.swf
41836 ./data/b-libav.swf
./data/b-libav.swf CRC=0xcdec36a1
82e73b690fb828d0a27d699cb1e00f71 *./data/b-libav.swf
335771 ./data/b-libav.swf
./data/b-libav.swf CRC=0xe14e8847
87a8c8be5db2513356b28f29dff5769e *./data/b-libav.ffm
380928 ./data/b-libav.ffm
./data/b-libav.ffm CRC=0x01522b4a
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