Commit 3bf3d666 authored by Loïc Le Loarer's avatar Loïc Le Loarer Committed by Michael Niedermayer
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The cvs version 1.103 of h264.c brokes 13 conformance streams, this

patch corrects this and decodes the same streams as version 1.102.
patch by (Loïc Le Loarer <lll+ffmpeg m4x org>)

Originally committed as revision 4087 to svn://
parent ced225a7
......@@ -3762,7 +3762,7 @@ static int decode_slice_header(H264Context *h){
h->use_weight = 0;
if(s->current_picture.reference == 3)
if( h->slice_type != I_TYPE && h->slice_type != SI_TYPE && h->pps.cabac )
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