Commit 3c96c648 authored by Anton Khirnov's avatar Anton Khirnov

avio: document avio_alloc_context.

parent ab11317c
......@@ -458,6 +458,22 @@ attribute_deprecated void init_checksum(AVIOContext *s,
attribute_deprecated unsigned long get_checksum(AVIOContext *s);
* Allocate and initialize an AVIOContext for buffered I/O. It must be later
* freed with av_free().
* @param buffer Memory block for input/output operations via AVIOContext.
* @param buffer_size The buffer size is very important for performance.
* For protocols with fixed blocksize it should be set to this blocksize.
* For others a typical size is a cache page, e.g. 4kb.
* @param write_flag Set to 1 if the buffer should be writable, 0 otherwise.
* @param opaque An opaque pointer to user-specific data.
* @param read_packet A function for refilling the buffer, may be NULL.
* @param write_packet A function for writing the buffer contents, may be NULL.
* @param seek A function for seeking to specified byte position, may be NULL.
* @return Allocated AVIOContext or NULL on failure.
AVIOContext *avio_alloc_context(
unsigned char *buffer,
int buffer_size,
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