Commit 3d0a39fa authored by Panagiotis Issaris's avatar Panagiotis Issaris
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Doxygenize the comments for the av_realloc_static() function.

Originally committed as revision 8083 to svn://
parent 2fa378a7
......@@ -2913,7 +2913,11 @@ void av_free_static(void);
void *av_mallocz_static(unsigned int size);
* same as above, but does realloc
* Same as av_mallocz_static(), but does a realloc.
* @param[in] ptr The block of memory to reallocate.
* @param[in] size The requested size.
* @return Block of memory of requested size.
void *av_realloc_static(void *ptr, unsigned int size);
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