Commit 3ed1a2ee authored by Diego Biurrun's avatar Diego Biurrun
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cosmetics: Remove useless backslashes.

Originally committed as revision 13556 to svn://
parent b006b26c
......@@ -1531,8 +1531,8 @@ fi
# AltiVec flags: The FSF version of GCC differs from the Apple version
if enabled altivec; then
check_cflags -maltivec -mabi=altivec && \
{ check_header altivec.h && inc_altivec_h="#include <altivec.h>" ; } || \
check_cflags -maltivec -mabi=altivec &&
{ check_header altivec.h && inc_altivec_h="#include <altivec.h>" ; } ||
check_cflags -faltivec
# check if our compiler supports Motorola AltiVec C API
......@@ -2211,9 +2211,9 @@ pkgconfig_generate libavutil "FFmpeg utility library" "$LIBAVUTIL_VERSION"
pkgconfig_generate libavcodec "FFmpeg codec library" "$LIBAVCODEC_VERSION" "$extralibs" "$pkg_requires libavutil = $LIBAVUTIL_VERSION"
pkgconfig_generate libavformat "FFmpeg container format library" "$LIBAVFORMAT_VERSION" "$extralibs" "$pkg_requires libavcodec = $LIBAVCODEC_VERSION"
pkgconfig_generate libavdevice "FFmpeg device handling library" "$LIBAVDEVICE_VERSION" "$extralibs" "$pkg_requires libavformat = $LIBAVFORMAT_VERSION"
enabled avfilter && \
enabled avfilter &&
pkgconfig_generate libavfilter "FFmpeg video filtering library" "$LIBAVFILTER_VERSION" "$extralibs" "$pkg_requires libavutil = $LIBAVUTIL_VERSION"
enabled postproc && \
enabled postproc &&
pkgconfig_generate libpostproc "FFmpeg post processing library" "$LIBPOSTPROC_VERSION"
if enabled swscale; then
pkgconfig_generate libswscale "FFmpeg image rescaling library" "$LIBSWSCALE_VERSION" "" "libavutil = $LIBAVUTIL_VERSION"
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