Commit 407ddb4e authored by Baptiste Coudurier's avatar Baptiste Coudurier
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update libav regression tests for r5449 (adpcm)

Originally committed as revision 5490 to svn://
parent 2b9c9e09
......@@ -59,9 +59,9 @@ e2a6d6fae17394dfe87cb5bb8ae11837 *./data/
7a21ff174e3cca1702e0826c4ca0eccf *./data/
89112 ./data/
./data/ CRC=0x2a09519c
20f9fa55b3c5bebe3520f5667ee4928b *./data/b-libav.mmf
272b91d8fc31ed43b08246d182719751 *./data/b-libav.mmf
22609 ./data/b-libav.mmf
./data/b-libav.mmf CRC=0x7e78cffe
./data/b-libav.mmf CRC=0x03633476
a324baee6d76c53ab7c74616cfc31616 *./data/b-libav.aif
89168 ./data/b-libav.aif
./data/b-libav.aif CRC=0x2a09519c
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