Commit 418a0b9f authored by Peter Ross's avatar Peter Ross Committed by Diego Biurrun
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Compiling ffmpeg.c fails when when the .ffm demuxer is enabled, but the .ffm

muxer is disabled. The cause is an incorrect #ifdef that assumes that the
ffm_nopts symbol (global define in ffmenc) is present when either ffm muxer
OR demuxer is enabled.
patch by Peter Ross, pross xvid org

Originally committed as revision 13573 to svn://
parent b13ddb3b
......@@ -2210,7 +2210,7 @@ static int opt_default(const char *opt, const char *arg){
opt_names= av_realloc(opt_names, sizeof(void*)*(opt_name_count+1));
opt_names[opt_name_count++]= o->name;
#if defined(CONFIG_FFM_DEMUXER) || defined(CONFIG_FFM_MUXER)
/* disable generate of real time pts in ffm (need to be supressed anyway) */
if(avctx_opts[0]->flags & CODEC_FLAG_BITEXACT)
ffm_nopts = 1;
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