Commit 42364fcb authored by Martin Storsjö's avatar Martin Storsjö
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srtp: Mark a few variables as uninitialized

This squelches false positive warnings (with gcc) about them being
used uninitalized.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMartin Storsjö <>
parent 0eecafc9
......@@ -121,8 +121,8 @@ int ff_srtp_decrypt(struct SRTPContext *s, uint8_t *buf, int *lenptr)
uint8_t iv[16] = { 0 }, hmac[20];
int len = *lenptr;
int ext, seq_largest;
uint32_t ssrc, roc;
int ext, av_uninit(seq_largest);
uint32_t ssrc, av_uninit(roc);
uint64_t index;
int rtcp;
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