Commit 42cb3863 authored by Måns Rullgård's avatar Måns Rullgård
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regtest: put rgb and yuv reference files in correct place

SVN design flaw requires deleting dirs in separate step

Originally committed as revision 24117 to svn://
parent 6a522c49
05f0719cb52486d9a4beb9cfae3f2571 *./tests/data/vsynth1/rgb.avi
15213260 ./tests/data/vsynth1/rgb.avi
243325fb2cae1a9245efd49aff936327 *./tests/data/rgb.vsynth1.out.yuv
stddev: 3.42 PSNR: 37.43 bytes: 7603200/ 7603200
aa6b9e862aebcf8902a6d770e7729d59 *./tests/data/vsynth1/yuv.avi
7610060 ./tests/data/vsynth1/yuv.avi
c5ccac874dbf808e9088bc3107860042 *./tests/data/yuv.vsynth1.out.yuv
stddev: 0.00 PSNR:999.99 bytes: 7603200/ 7603200
f2e9c419023c743bf99aa5b2e55ad233 *./tests/data/vsynth2/rgb.avi
15213260 ./tests/data/vsynth2/rgb.avi
b2418e0e3a9a8619b31219cbcf24dc82 *./tests/data/rgb.vsynth2.out.yuv
stddev: 1.26 PSNR: 46.06 bytes: 7603200/ 7603200
30a400773ab26f2c83e469198b156f1d *./tests/data/vsynth2/yuv.avi
7610060 ./tests/data/vsynth2/yuv.avi
dde5895817ad9d219f79a52d0bdfb001 *./tests/data/yuv.vsynth2.out.yuv
stddev: 0.00 PSNR:999.99 bytes: 7603200/ 7603200
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