Commit 4389d606 authored by Ramiro Polla's avatar Ramiro Polla
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av_fill_image_linesizes -> av_image_fill_linesizes

Originally committed as revision 32106 to svn://
parent 6bd296f1
......@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ static int doTest(uint8_t *ref[4], int refStride[4], int w, int h,
uint32_t crc = 0;
int res = 0;
av_fill_image_linesizes(dstStride, dstFormat, dstW);
av_image_fill_linesizes(dstStride, dstFormat, dstW);
for (i=0; i<4; i++) {
/* Image buffers passed into libswscale can be allocated any way you
* prefer, as long as they're aligned enough for the architecture, and
......@@ -205,7 +205,7 @@ static void selfTest(uint8_t *ref[4], int refStride[4], int w, int h)
uint8_t *src[4] = {0};
int srcStride[4];
int p;
av_fill_image_linesizes(srcStride, srcFormat, srcW);
av_image_fill_linesizes(srcStride, srcFormat, srcW);
for (p = 0; p < 4; p++) {
if (srcStride[p])
src[p] = av_mallocz(srcStride[p]*srcH+16);
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