Commit 43c16478 authored by Michael Niedermayer's avatar Michael Niedermayer
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Rename yuv2rgb variables to avoid name clashes with the ones used by bfin asm.

Originally committed as revision 27599 to svn://
parent 3e3c638e
......@@ -498,12 +498,12 @@ static inline void yuv2nv12XinC(int16_t *lumFilter, int16_t **lumSrc, int lumFil
#define YSCALE_YUV_2_RGBX_FULL_C(rnd) \
Y-= c->oy;\
Y*= c->cy;\
Y-= c->yuv2rgb_y_offset;\
Y*= c->yuv2rgb_y_coeff;\
Y+= rnd;\
R= Y + V*c->cvr;\
G= Y + V*c->cvg + U*c->cug;\
B= Y + U*c->cub;\
R= Y + V*c->yuv2rgb_v2r_coeff;\
G= Y + V*c->yuv2rgb_v2g_coeff + U*c->yuv2rgb_u2g_coeff;\
B= Y + U*c->yuv2rgb_u2b_coeff;\
if ((R|G|B)&(0xC0000000)){\
if (R>=(256<<22)) R=(256<<22)-1; \
else if (R<0)R=0; \
......@@ -1960,12 +1960,12 @@ int sws_setColorspaceDetails(SwsContext *c, const int inv_table[4], int srcRange
c->ugCoeff= roundToInt16(cgu*8192) * 0x0001000100010001ULL;
c->yOffset= roundToInt16(oy * 8) * 0x0001000100010001ULL;
c->cy = (int16_t)roundToInt16(cy <<13);
c->oy = (int16_t)roundToInt16(oy <<9);
c->cvr= (int16_t)roundToInt16(crv<<13);
c->cvg= (int16_t)roundToInt16(cgv<<13);
c->cug= (int16_t)roundToInt16(cgu<<13);
c->cub= (int16_t)roundToInt16(cbu<<13);
c->yuv2rgb_y_coeff = (int16_t)roundToInt16(cy <<13);
c->yuv2rgb_y_offset = (int16_t)roundToInt16(oy << 9);
c->yuv2rgb_v2r_coeff= (int16_t)roundToInt16(crv<<13);
c->yuv2rgb_v2g_coeff= (int16_t)roundToInt16(cgv<<13);
c->yuv2rgb_u2g_coeff= (int16_t)roundToInt16(cgu<<13);
c->yuv2rgb_u2b_coeff= (int16_t)roundToInt16(cbu<<13);
yuv2rgb_c_init_tables(c, inv_table, srcRange, brightness, contrast, saturation);
//FIXME factorize
......@@ -126,7 +126,12 @@ typedef struct SwsContext{
int srcColorspaceTable[4];
int dstColorspaceTable[4];
int srcRange, dstRange;
int oy,cy,cvr,cvg,cug,cub;
int yuv2rgb_y_offset;
int yuv2rgb_y_coeff;
int yuv2rgb_v2r_coeff;
int yuv2rgb_v2g_coeff;
int yuv2rgb_u2g_coeff;
int yuv2rgb_u2b_coeff;
#define RED_DITHER "0*8"
#define GREEN_DITHER "1*8"
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