Commit 4533d2d6 authored by Zdenek Kabelac's avatar Zdenek Kabelac
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* fix double free

Originally committed as revision 1206 to svn://
parent 18f77016
...@@ -1326,7 +1326,7 @@ static int mov_read_close(AVFormatContext *s) ...@@ -1326,7 +1326,7 @@ static int mov_read_close(AVFormatContext *s)
for(i=0; i<mov->total_streams; i++) for(i=0; i<mov->total_streams; i++)
mov_free_stream_context(mov->streams[i]); mov_free_stream_context(mov->streams[i]);
for(i=0; i<s->nb_streams; i++) for(i=0; i<s->nb_streams; i++)
av_free(s->streams[i]); av_freep(&s->streams[i]);
return 0; return 0;
} }
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