Commit 46ef355c authored by Alex Converse's avatar Alex Converse
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aacdec: Add a fate test for 5.1 channel SBR.

parent 4acd43a2
......@@ -26,6 +26,10 @@ FATE_AAC += fate-aac-al_sbr_hq_cm_48_2
fate-aac-al_sbr_hq_cm_48_2: CMD = pcm -i $(SAMPLES)/aac/al_sbr_cm_48_2.mp4
fate-aac-al_sbr_hq_cm_48_2: REF = $(SAMPLES)/aac/al_sbr_hq_cm_48_2.s16
FATE_AAC += fate-aac-al_sbr_hq_cm_48_5.1
fate-aac-al_sbr_hq_cm_48_5.1: CMD = pcm -i $(SAMPLES)/aac/al_sbr_cm_48_5.1.mp4
fate-aac-al_sbr_hq_cm_48_5.1: REF = $(SAMPLES)/aac/al_sbr_hq_cm_48_5.1.s16
FATE_AAC += fate-aac-al_sbr_ps_06_ur
fate-aac-al_sbr_ps_06_ur: CMD = pcm -i $(SAMPLES)/aac/al_sbr_ps_06_new.mp4
fate-aac-al_sbr_ps_06_ur: REF = $(SAMPLES)/aac/al_sbr_ps_06_ur.s16
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