Commit 4722a03c authored by Mans Rullgard's avatar Mans Rullgard
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rv34: NEON optimised 4x4 dequant

Signed-off-by: default avatarMans Rullgard <>
parent 40901fc1
......@@ -25,9 +25,12 @@
void ff_rv34_inv_transform_neon(DCTELEM *block);
void ff_rv34_inv_transform_noround_neon(DCTELEM *block);
void ff_rv34_dequant4x4_neon(DCTELEM *block, int Qdc, int Q);
void ff_rv34dsp_init_neon(RV34DSPContext *c, DSPContext* dsp)
c->rv34_inv_transform_tab[0] = ff_rv34_inv_transform_neon;
c->rv34_inv_transform_tab[1] = ff_rv34_inv_transform_noround_neon;
c->rv34_dequant4x4 = ff_rv34_dequant4x4_neon;
......@@ -107,3 +107,27 @@ function ff_rv34_inv_transform_noround_neon, export=1
vst4.16 {d0[3], d1[3], d2[3], d3[3]}, [r2,:64], r1
bx lr
function ff_rv34_dequant4x4_neon, export=1
mov r3, r0
mov r12, #16
vdup.16 q0, r2
vmov.16 d0[0], r1
vld1.16 {d2}, [r0,:64], r12
vld1.16 {d4}, [r0,:64], r12
vld1.16 {d6}, [r0,:64], r12
vld1.16 {d16}, [r0,:64], r12
vmull.s16 q1, d2, d0
vmull.s16 q2, d4, d1
vmull.s16 q3, d6, d1
vmull.s16 q8, d16, d1
vqrshrn.s32 d2, q1, #4
vqrshrn.s32 d4, q2, #4
vqrshrn.s32 d6, q3, #4
vqrshrn.s32 d16, q8, #4
vst1.16 {d2}, [r3,:64], r12
vst1.16 {d4}, [r3,:64], r12
vst1.16 {d6}, [r3,:64], r12
vst1.16 {d16}, [r3,:64], r12
bx lr
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