Commit 47bbf8a7 authored by Michael Niedermayer's avatar Michael Niedermayer
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clarify codec_tag

Originally committed as revision 8484 to svn://
parent 89cff671
......@@ -971,6 +971,13 @@ typedef struct AVCodecContext {
* fourcc (LSB first, so "ABCD" -> ('D'<<24) + ('C'<<16) + ('B'<<8) + 'A').
* this is used to workaround some encoder bugs
* a demuxer should set this to what is stored in the field used to identify the codec
* if there are mutiple such fields in a container then the demuxer should choose the one
* which maximizes the information about the used codec
* if the codec tag field in a container is larger then 32bit then the demxuer should
* remap the longer id to 32bit with a table or other structure alternatively a new
* extra_codec_tag + size could be added but for this a clear advantage must be demonstrated
* first
* - encoding: set by user, if not then the default based on codec_id will be used
* - decoding: set by user, will be converted to upper case by lavc during init
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