Commit 4821b445 authored by Ramiro Polla's avatar Ramiro Polla
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rgb2rgb: remove unused yvu9toyv12 function

Originally committed as revision 32155 to svn://
parent fe5f761a
......@@ -1753,16 +1753,6 @@ static inline void RENAME(yuy2toyv12)(const uint8_t *src, uint8_t *ydst, uint8_t
static inline void RENAME(yvu9toyv12)(const uint8_t *ysrc, const uint8_t *usrc, const uint8_t *vsrc,
uint8_t *ydst, uint8_t *udst, uint8_t *vdst,
long width, long height, long lumStride, long chromStride)
/* Y Plane */
memcpy(ydst, ysrc, width*height);
/* XXX: implement upscaling for U,V */
static inline void RENAME(planar2x)(const uint8_t *src, uint8_t *dst, long srcWidth, long srcHeight, long srcStride, long dstStride)
long x,y;
......@@ -2930,7 +2920,6 @@ static inline void RENAME(rgb2rgb_init)(void)
yuv422ptoyuy2 = RENAME(yuv422ptoyuy2);
yuv422ptouyvy = RENAME(yuv422ptouyvy);
yuy2toyv12 = RENAME(yuy2toyv12);
// yvu9toyv12 = RENAME(yvu9toyv12);
planar2x = RENAME(planar2x);
rgb24toyv12 = RENAME(rgb24toyv12);
interleaveBytes = RENAME(interleaveBytes);
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